Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section, ACRL


ACRL/Asian African and Middle East Section (AAMES) Language Knowledgebase

If you can speak, read, write or understand languages from Asia, Africa or the Middle East countries, AAMES need you! You are invited to contribute to a renewed initiative of the AAMES Language Knowledgebase. The purpose of this project is to create a virtual Global Knowledgebase of experts in AAMES subject areas from the United States as well as from countries around the World. This database will be an invaluable resource for AAMES members to share and collaborate on new ideas or projects expecially in the areas of collections, reference, instruction, and cataloging.

AAMES will send formal invitations to participate. With your acceptance, you will allow AAMES to post your brief biography and contact information on the AAMES Website.

Participants can choose to volunteer for a long or short term. AAMES will acknowledge your professional services by the end of the year. This project is expected to provide new resources, opportunities, and experiences for the budding Asian, African, and Middle East area sudies librarians. AAMES is eagerly waiting for your commitment to offer your help. For more information please contact Mr. Yue Li, Collection Services, Floridda State University Library or Triveni Kuchi, Rutgers University Libraries, Kilmer Library, Rutgers University


In 1981, the section focused its attention on two projects; strengthening ties to non-Orientalist and non-Africanist library groups and drawing up a directory of Asian and African librarians to supersede the directory published in 1978 (ALA Yearbook 1978).