Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section, ACRL


Discussion List

AAMES-L is ACRL Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section’s discussion list.

AAMES has created this list to facilitate and encourage discussion of important issues amongst Section members and non-members across the spectrum of the area studies librarian’s groups represented: Association for Asian Studies (AAS), African Studies Association (ASA), and the Middle East Studies Association (MESA).

For the Section, it is a vehicle to keep members abreast of current activities, receive member input, distribute agendas for upcoming conference meetings and the minutes thereafter, circulate an annual list of current officers and committee members, announce additions to the website, and opportunities to volunteer within the Section. It is also a medium by which the voices of members and non-members can be heard within ACRL and ALA to effect the work of the parent organizations in relation to area studies and international relations.

More broadly, it is a forum to: disseminate information about new and innovative projects by our sister librarian organizations, discuss new technologies & their implications for area studies librarianship, Library of Congress Overseas Operations, Center for Research Libraries operations, funding opportunities, and other issues of concern to the area studies community. Postings of our sister librarian organizations’ meeting minutes foster knowledge of projects with potentially broader applications and stimulates the other groups.

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