Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section, ACRL


On this page, you will find a list of the various AAMES committees. Please click on the individual committees for information on the different committee members.

AREA REPRESENTATIVES – Charge: Report on the developments in the field of library & information science in the United States and abroad in the area of their responsibility in the Midwinter and annual meetings. They will also help the Publication Committee to prepare the newsletter by sending them news items about the developments in the field.

CONFERENCE PROGRAM PLANNING COMMITTEE – Charge: Plan, implement, and evaluate the Section’s program for each year’s ALA Annual Conference. Coordinate Section participation in coalition programming.

CONSTITUTION & BYLAWS COMMITTEE – Charge: Prepare and present all amendments to the the AAMES Constitution and present them to the Executive Committee and the members at the Midwinter and Annual meetings. All members should be informed of the proposed amendments through the AAMES Newsletter.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – Charge: Recruit, welcome, and orient new members. Enhance communication and networking among members, especially those not able to attend Midwinter or Annual conferences. Chaired by Members-At-Large.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE – Charge: Identify and recommend a slate of candidates for annual Section officer elections, assist candidates in filing proper paperwork and meeting deadlines for submission of statements.
PUBLICATION COMMITTEE – Charge: Publish the AAMES Newsletter twice a year in November/December and April/May. The Committee is also responsible for preparing a Brochure for the Section to promote AAMES.
WEBMASTER – Charge: Oversee the maintenance and growth of the AAMES website, recommend changes to the Executive Committee. Act as ‘co-owner,’ with ALA staff, of the Section’s AAMES-L discussion list.