Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Section, ACRL

2009 ALA Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes of the 2009 ALA Annual Meeting held at Chicago, Illinois in July.

Association of College and Research Libraries
Asian, African and Middle Eastern Section
Executive Committee & All Committees Meetings
ALA Annual Conference July 11, 2009
8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. Palmer House Chicago, IL

PRESENT: Anjana H. Bhatt (Florida Gulf Coast University); Bindu Bhatt (Columbia:; Rajwant Chilana [Chair] (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Suhua Fan (Alabama:; Saima Fazil (UCB); Triveni Kuchi (Rutgers:; Tara Lannen-Stanton (Queens Library); Binh Le (Penn State:; Yue Li (Florida State:; Mieko Mazza (Yale); Liladhar R. Pendse (UCLA: Doris Seely (Minnesota:; Chellammal Vaidyanathan (U. of Miami:; Adam Burling (ACRL:

1. WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS: Members and guests introduced themselves and guests were welcomed by the Chair, Rajwant Chilana

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: The agenda was approved with the addition of an item to decide on whether to retain the print version of the Newsletter.

3. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES: The minutes of the 2009 Midwinter meeting were approved.

4. COMMITTEE REPORTS: A chart of the in-coming committee memberships was distributed; it showed: Program Committee Chair: Chellammal Vaidyanathan Co-chair: Qian Liu Member: Tara Lannen-Stanton Bylaws Committee Chair: Ravindra Sharma Co-chair: Tara Lannen-Stanton Members: Qian Liu, Saima Fazil Membership Committee Chair: Tara Lannen-Stanton Members: Cason Snow, Saima Fazil Nominating Committee Chair: Li Sun Co-chair: Liladhar Pendse Members: Muhammad al-Faruque, Qian Liu Publications Committee: Chair: Saima Fazil Co-chair: Hala Issa Members: Li Sun, Chella Vaidyanathan Program Committee Bindu Bhatt brought us up to date on the arrangements for the program to be presented in the afternoon and mentioned that one speaker could not come but sent a Power Point presentation. There was discussion of how to post or publish the presentations; the consensus seemed to be that we should put them on the wiki for starters, maybe publish elsewhere later. Bylaws Committee No report, but Adam Burling of ACRL told us that the decision had been announced in January that committee bylaws should be rewritten in the form of governance procedures. ACRL had assumed that the bylaws committee was already working on this; if not, it is the first order of business for the in-coming bylaws committee. He said the changes required were relatively minor and ACRL could provide guidance. Membership Committee Tara and Suhua suggested that we may contact schools of library and information science to recruit new members for the AAMES Publications Committee Deepa Banerjee, Editor of AAMES Newsletter, was not present to report, but Chilana noted that she had once again been successful in soliciting good articles and new items for the spring 2009 Newsletter and it had been published on schedule. Chilana encouraged all attendees to contribute reports and new items of the Newsletter. Nominating Committee, AAMES election The candidates whose nomination was announced at Midwinter have now been elected: Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Triveni Kuchi, Rutgers Secretary: Yue Li, Florida State Member-at-large: Laverne Page, Area Specialist for Africa at LC

5. UPDATING AAMES WEB SITE: Sean Swanick, the Canadian graduate student who was recruited to update the Web site, was unable to do so and the site is now even further out of date. Suhua Fan had suggested at Midwinter that it would be easier to update the Web page if we set up an AAMES wiki to which everyone could contribute and from which the Webmaster could take the information. She, Triveni, and Chella Vaidyanathan agreed to work together on a wiki. We now are taking this a step further and have agreed to do away with the old Web site and make the wiki the official Web site.

6. VIRTUAL MIDWINTER MEETING: In the light of the current economic crisis and the resulting depletion of travel and professional development funds, Triveni Kuchi asked that AAMES modify our meeting schedule and not hold a face-to-face meeting at Midwinter. We were encouraged by the fact that several other sections have already had successful virtual Midwinter meetings and agreed to a virtual meeting for Midwinter 2010. Anjana Bhatt and Triveni Kuchi will set it up; Mieko Mazza offered to help. They will contact other sections that have done this and ask what worked for them.

7. FACEBOOK GROUP FOR AAMES & CONSALD MEMBERS: (Chella) Committee members pointed out that there are a number of other groups besides CONSALD that AAMES might want to include in a Facebook Group—MELA, CEAL, COMORSEA, CALA, etc. It was concluded that it might be best if Chella may work on setting up an AAMES Facebook Group first. Once that is done, we can think about including other groups.

8. PRINT VERSION OF NEWLETTER DISCONTINUED: All committee members unanimously agreed to discontinue the paper version of the AAMES Newsletter and publish the on-line version only, in order to save printing and mailing costs. This will save $1200.00 AAMES ACTION PLAN Triveni Kuchi asked if AAMES might want to develop an action plan which would match some specific ACRL goal as set forth in the ACRL Strategic Priorities: 2009-2013. For a project which furthers these goals we can obtain funding from ACRL. For example, another section Triveni is a member of did a project on information literacy standards which took four years and was funded throughout by ACRL. The deadline for submissions this year is August 7, perhaps too short a time, but maybe next year? E.J. JOSEY Binh Le suggested and the Committee agreed that we pass a resolution of appreciation for the contributions of Dr. E.J. Josey to ALA and international librarianship. BOOKS FOR IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN Members discussed whether there is any way we can obtain funding for shipping costs to send books to Iraq and Afghanistan Binh Le said that he had been trying to get books to Vietnam for years and it is almost impossible to get this kind of funding. He advised that the best way to do this is to contact a specific target institution that you want to give the books to or an embassy or consulate and ask them to help find the funds to defray shipping costs.

9. PRESENTATIONS DURING ALL COMMITTEES MEETING: Binh Le, Associate Librarian, The Pennsylvania State University, Abington College, organized and moderated the AAMES Research Colloquium, a presentation of three papers by area studies librarians during the All Committees part of the AAMES meeting. The presentations included: Bhatt, Anjana H., University Librarian (Electronic Resources), Florida Gulf Coast University: “Open Access E-Journal Initiatives and Digital Libraries of Asian Countries” Khader, Majed, Marshall University Libraries and Zaghloul, Raik, Univeristy of Arizona Library: “Palestinian Libraries from Oslo Accord (1993) to Present” Fan, Suhua, Catalog Librarian, Gorgas Library, University of Alabama Libraries: “Establishing a Local Cataloging System for a Special Collection: Puerto Rican Community Library Project” This colloquium was followed by lively discussion, and the meeting was concluded at 12.00pm.